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Welcome to NW Claims Management, LLC. : Your Portland Public Adjuster

If you have filed an insurance claim, hiring a Portland public adjuster is the only way to ensure your claim will be adjusted fairly. We work solely on your behalf to recover the maximum amount allowed by your current policy.  We have the training necessary to read and interpret your policy language, the construction knowledge to assess the damage to structures, and the experience in insurance claims to know all the tricks of the trade. Your insurance company is a powerful, profit-driven corporation with clever ways of hanging on to your money. Without representation of your own, the adjuster working for the insurance company will have complete control of your claim, and they will not be working in your best interest. In fact, they have financial incentives directly related to how little you receive in compensation.  Insurance policies are extremely confusing and many people believe they must trust that their insurance company will fairly and equitably pay their claim.  Unfortunately, all too often, they will deny a claim that should be covered, under-fund a covered loss, or will push their “preferred contractors” who may try and keep the costs down by doing minimal repairs.

With more than 15 years of experience in the state of Oregon, our licensed professional Portland public adjusters will work hard for you and are determined to recover the maximum amount possible.