Adam’s Story
For years, I was a successful contractor fighting for my clients after tragedy struck their homes and lives. It was a very stressful and difficult process, especially because I had no legal rights to help my clients. Throughout my career I learned to read and understand the policy language, and realized my clients were paying for policies that covered much more than they were being told by their insurance companies – something that happens to far too many people each year.

Having spent my life in commercial and residential construction, I also knew exactly what these homes needed in order to be whole again. Unfortunately, I had no legal way to help at that time. That’s why I chose to pursue a career as a public adjuster.

NW Claims Management was founded to help those who have been denied insurance coverage, or who have been offered insufficient funds to cover the costs of damage repair. We work solely on your behalf, against the insurance company, to evaluate your policy and determine how much coverage you are actually qualified for. Give us a call today for your free evaluation – you may be surprised.
-Adam B., NW Claims Management

Estimate Agreed-To Final Cost* Insurance Company Project Name
Denied- $0 $9,921.04 Enumclaw Insurance Group Anderson
Denied- $0 $17,137.52 Farmers Knox
Denied- $0 $12,477.77 Safeco Read
Denied- $0 $8,048.69 Farmers Roth
$1,194.67 $7,099.00 Delario
$1,300 (appx.) $15,698.50 Country Financial Severns
$1,651.34 $15,258.06 Farmers Masters
$1,724.29 $20,274.66 Tripp
$1,899.13 $5,925.64 Waterman
$2,154.31 $12,171.12 Liberty Mutual Cotter
$2,183.18 $11,213.45 Farmers Wagner
$2,226.35 $6,739.31 State Farm Mason
$2,407.99 $5,642.93 Farmers Fay
$2,459.35 $8,344.44 Liberty Mutual Bell
$2,496.20 $9,812.96 Kemper Rauch
$2,534.20 $4,950.96 State Farm Neville
$2,683.94 $5,805.00 State Farm Woodman
$2,851.47 $9,910.50 Safeco Moreman
$2,942.88 $20,988.27 Allstate Tricker
$2,988.84 $7,007.58 Safeco Berger
$3,139.06 $45,568.96 Brunker
$3,246.64 $14,478.50 Foremost Chase
$3,385.22 $12,561.97 Farmers Howard
$3,445.11 $20,695.76 Farmers Davis
$3,598.24 $8,766.00 Windsor
$3,862.46 $8.053.39 Balboa Reynolds
$4,093.75 $9,833.61 Senchina
$4,328.26 $12,750.90 Travelers Lawrence
$4,346.78 $15,232.36 Armed Forces Insurance Grover
$4,421.70 $12,380.04 Allstate Wilson
$4,437.16 $14,174.52 Allstate Scott
$4,640.20 $11,966.81 State Farm Treadway
$4,927.08 $17,287.08 USAA Dickinson
$5,073.82 $25,070.21 Safeco Grandview
$5,232.92 $14,290.47 American Family Strangio
$5,295.53 $9,304.38 Allstate Lund
$5,463.58 $13,872.74 Allstate Chu
$5,532.58 $9,833.84 State Farm Dodds
$5,715.95 $13,204.39 Allstate Cox
$6,066.87 $43,368.55 Farmers Gonzales
$6,433.49 $11,115.19 USAA Colegrove
$6,632.89 $11,787.19 State Farm Williams
$6,843.51 $54,000.83 USAA Moss Rock
$7,196.00 $39,388.39 Safeco Lewis
$7,215.73 $12,400.00 Allstate Schiag
$7,298.51 $29,064.66 State Farm Chapman
$7,806.85 $15,514.88 State Farm Berrien
$7,992.87 $47,126.55 Metlife Harp
$9,869.83 $10,263.58 State Farm McDermott
$10,195.74 $28,590.06 Allstate Harris
$10,335.92 $17,679.81 Foremost Smith
$10,654.17 $26,341.58 Country Financial Matveev
$11,729.65 $40,594.84 Safeco Bothwell
$12,428.28 $24,422.52 Ameriprise Chuong
$14,716.87 $30,165.09 Allstate Clews
$16,000 (appx.) $225,000 (appx.) Kemper Lavine
$19,753.53 $28,053.53 Allstate Tarr
$70,934.20 $98,459.70 Foremost Saunders
$150,000 (appx.) $225,000 State Farm Fuller

*Agreed-to final cost may or may not include deductible amounts

“My son is so happy he can have Thanksgiving dinner in his new kitchen. Thank you for all you have done!”
– Texie Price, Newport, OR

“We were left in shambles not only from a storm that damaged our home, but from the first group of “professionals” who first visited our home. Then our insurance company gave us Adam’s number. Adam was so kind, reassuring and professional when he came to assess our damages. We are two happy clients who feel richly blessed.”
– Shirley & Marty Berg, Lakeview, OR

“Thank you for taking care of our damaged property. I only wish there were more people out there like you guys!”
– Mike Thomas, OR

“Thank you for your professional service and outstanding work restoring our home after a bad water leak. We both highly recommend your company. Thanks again for a job well done!”
– Marti & Arlen Schlag, Lebanon, OR

“Sorry the job was such a complicated one! Who knew? You stepped up to the plate and got it done. Many thanks.”
– Stephanie Hazen, Salem, OR

“Looking at the end of the project, I am extremely pleased with the results. I am very glad I had you guys to help my family through a very traumatic time. You were right when you told me that things would get better.”
– Russ Kaufman, Lebanon, OR